Sanitary workers of TS secretary booted out for questioning graft

Hyderabad, August 6: Sanitary workers in Telangana secretariat were deprived their due remuneration for past several months and left in lurch by the contractors for questioning the discrepancies in salaries.

Sanitary workers are appointed on contract basis and a contractor looks after their affairs. After to knowing that there was a discrepancy in distribution of salaries, they questioned the contractor.

State government has increased the salaries of sanitary workers to Rs 9000 per month from Rs 6,000 earlier. However, they were paid only Rs 6000 for several months.

Deprived workers tried to contact labor department officials and Labor Minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy but in vain. When things were seem to be out of their reach they staged a protest inside the secretariat expecting an eye of the ministers.

But contrary to their expectations the protesting sanitary workers were denied entry in the secretariat premises the next day. They alleged that contractor was paying different salaries to employees and that raised doubts.

Victims alleged that despite government enhancing the salaries, contractor was taking all the money and giving them the old salary.