Something is fishy in sheep purchase in TS

Hyderabad, August 6: Irregularities have been reported in purchasing of goats under ‘Goats Distribution’ scheme of the state government. It has been noted that goats and sheep have been recycled by some corrupt officials.

This issue came to fore when the number of purchased sheep and sheep present in the units did not match. It was observed that sheep were being purchased from the neighboring states and were taken back after formalities are over for recycle.

Not marking the purchased sheep as per GO 52 was also seen as the major reason for this kind of irregularities and corruption. A state minister has recently announced that sheep would not be marked after purchased.

The official record shows that government has supplied about 41,139 sheep so far across the state. However, no records are available about the ground level units as to how many sheep were actually distributed.

In a recent incident in Jagtial district it was shown that 3,276 sheep were purchased for 156 units. However, this figure does not match with the reality. Marking of each goat will take three mintues and marking 3,276 sheep would take around 160 hours.

However, it cannot be done in three days as shown by the local officials. It means that veterinary doctors and society heads were allegedly involving irregularities in purchase and distribution of sheep.