Congress BC leaders demand lion’s share in tickets

Hyderabad, August 6: Even as the Telangana Congress party reeling under various crises in recent days, leaders belonging to BC communities are putting their demands in front of the state leaderships.

BC leaders are now seeking party tickets for at least 50 seats in the state for next elections. They have been demanding a lion’s share in party tickets for a long time and a BC Forum was also formed by the Congress leaders recently.

A group of 30 BC leaders has left for Delhi to meet national party leaders including Rahul Gandhi to discuss their demands for the upcoming elections. BC leaders are not only demanding for tickets but also key party posts in the state.

This activism by the BC leaders has worried the state leadership a lot. 

Another group in the party opines that 36 BC leaders were given party tickets in the previous elections but none of them won. They are arguing that giving 50 tickets to leaders of BC communities would be an unwise decision.

BC leaders however argue that they must be provided tickets of the constituencies where they can win. They alleged that upper caste party leaders were responsible for defeat of BC leaders in many constituencies.