Be cautious against anti-social elements: NSUI leader

Hyderabad, February 10: NSUI senior leader and Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology (LIET) NSUI president Arham Adil on Friday appealed to the students' community not to fall prey to anti-social elements who try to lure them with easy-money offers.

The NSUI leader on Friday held an interactive meeting with the students of Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology (LIET) in view of arrest of two students of Lords College on the charges of circulating fake currency notes. He said that neither management nor students were linked to the fake currency racket which was busted by the police. He said that those arrested for circulating the counterfeit currency in the canteen of Lords Engineering College were outsiders. He said even the two students, who were nabbed by the police, were detained long back by the college management. Infact, he said that it was the canteen incharge who alerted the police that two detained students had used a fake currency note to purchase food items and this led the police to bust the entire gang.

Stating that neither college management nor the students were aware of the illegal activity which was being carried out in the canteen premises, he condemned a section of media for their bid to link college with the counterfeit racket. He said that the college management treats all the students like their own children and also take stern against those who violate discipline as it was done in the case of two students.

Arham Adil appealed to the students of all colleges to remain alert with anti-social elements and immediately inform the police if they find any suspicious activity or individuals around them. He said the students should focus on developing their career and avoid getting lured from easy-money tactics. He requested the police and also the managements to take all preventive measures to ensure that criminals and anti-social elements are barred from entering educational institutions.